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California Quail

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Black Diamond Mines - Birds

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Black Diamond Mines: a good time to visit is in the spring when the wild flowers are in bloom and the birds are out and about in numbers. Look around on your drive up to the parking lot. Many birds can be seen right in the picnic area and located by listening for their songs / calls. Woodpeckers often tap on the trunks of trees when looking for food or building a nest hole. The following pictures were all taken at Black Diamond Mine. Click on a picture for a large version. (Large images average 600k in size so if you have high-speed internet service - they will load quickly.)

American Kestrel American Kestrel
American RObin Bewicks Wren
Black Phoebe Bullocks Oriole
California Quail California Quail
Goldfinch Goldfinch
House Finch (male) House Finch (female)
Killdeer Killdeer
Lark Sparrow Lark Sparrow
Male Mallard Duck Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove Nuttall's Wookpecker
Nuttall's Wookpecker Nuttall's Wookpecker
Red-winged Blackbird Red-winged Blackbird
Savannah Sparrow Scrub Jay
Scrub Jay Shrike
Shrike Shrike
Steller Jay Titmouse
Western Bluebird Western Bluebird
Western Bluebird Western Bluebird (juvenile)
Western Bluebird Western Meadowlark
Western Meadowlark Western Meadowlark
Wilson's Warbler Wilson's Warbler
Wilson's Warbler Yellow-rumped Warbler
Western Kingbird Western Kingbird

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