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California Quail

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Contra Costa County:

The area served by the Mt. Diablo Audubon Society is most of Contra Costa County, one of the eight counties in the San Francisco Bay region. The northwest corner of Contra Coast County touches San Francisco Bay and stretches eastward into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Central Valley of California. The heart of our county and our MDAS chapter is the great, 3849-foot peak of Mt. Diablo itself.

Contra Costa County Map

The County has over 50,000 acres of federal wildlife areas, state, regional, and local parks, preserves, and shorelines. At the annual Christmas Bird Count, MDAS members observe at least 150 bird species in a 24-hour period. Over 650 species of animals and plants have been identified in the County.

Contra Costa offers a paradise for birders, hikers, families, and outdoor enthusiasts. Within our area are grasslands, woods, wetlands, canyons, and rivers.

Like much of California, our beloved Contra Costa is increasingly urbanized with just over 1 million people people living in Contra Costa. Suburban development threatens wilderness habitat all over the County. MDAS works with other environmental and conservation organizations to preserve and protect the ecological diversity of Contra Costa.

MDAS Community Involvement:

Heather Farm Habitat Restoration Task Force

Heather Farm

As Walnut Creek has grown and park space becomes a premium, much discussion has arisen over the use of park lands within the city. The City Council has requested the Park, Recreation and Open Space Commission to develop a new Master Plan for Heather Farm Park. A Task Force was formed by PROS to study the possibilities and implementation of the restoring of some of the undeveloped areas in the northern parts of Heather Farm Park to a natural state. This is to be accomplished by adding Habitat Restoration to the new Master Plan for the park. Two members of MDAS, Rosita Harvey and Hugh Harvey, represent the Chapter on the Task Force.


Delta Science Center

The Delta Science Center is being developed on a 40-acre site in the 1,648-acre Big Break Regional Shoreline in Oakley. The purpose of the Center is to provide a site for people of all ages and backgrounds to appreciate and become active stewards of the Bay-Delta ecosystem, which is California's most important, and least understood resource. The Center will offer access to an integrated program of Education, Research, Restoration, and Recreation. Phase one construction is now in the permit process. This phase will include construction of an entry road, parking, utility extensions, restrooms, on-water pier for wildlife observation, fishing, and mooring of floating houseboats which will be custom designed as research and education vessels. MDAS is represented on the Delta Science Center Board by Joel Summerhill.

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