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California Quail

MDAS Education - Class Registration Policies

The MDAS Education Committee has attempted to establish fair and equitable policies for class registration. To seek clarification prior to registering for a class or to suggest changes to our policies, please contact the Education Committee Chair.

MDAS ClassesEnrollment Preferences

  1. MDAS members have first priority in opportunities to enroll in MDAS classes. Typically, enrollment will begin at an MDAS monthly meeting, with sign-ups taken on a first-come-first-served basis. Registration is not complete until payment is made.
  2. Registration will then be made available through the website or through phone/email contact with the class registrar, as identified in the online class description. Once again, registration is not complete until payment is made.
  3. Announcements will also be made in the monthly Quail newsletter, with the same registration information provided there.
  4. Next, instructors may place announcements on their personal websites, and direct students to the MDAS registration procedures.
  5. Thereafter, if there are class openings remaining, public announcements through other media may be made to inform the general public.
  6. A waiting list will be created, if needed, based upon time and date of email request or other time-stamped communications medium.


  1. Payment may be made by personal check at an MDAS meeting or mailed to the class registrar.
  2. Payment may also be made through PayPal on the website, or through other means of electronic delivery as may be established.

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. Students may cancel their registration at any time, but cancellation refunds will only be given if the cancelled registration can be filled from a waiting list.
  2. If an entire class needs to be cancelled, all registered students will promptly receive a refund.
  3. Registration in a class shall constitute acceptance of the above terms.

Contact the Education Committee

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